" Almost every copywriting book
you have ever read
completely missed the point"

Let the Headline Hero Show You
How to Write Winning Headlines
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From: Martin Helm
Re: How to multiply your sales with a winning headline

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What would it do for your business if you could write winning headlines every time - for your sales letters, your emails, your advertising or your website?

Do you think your sales and profits might go up?

Introducing . . .

Perhaps you're the CEO of a major corporation, or an Internet Marketer setting out on your first campaign. Either way you need to know what works and what doesn't.

As a CEO you may not actually write the headlines, but you need to understand what your employees or your advertising agency are up to. Are they giving you value? Are they boosting sales? Or just trying to win creative awards for themselves?

As an Internet Marketer, new or old, your business will rise or fall on the effectiveness of your headlines. Remember that however good your sales letter, no-one will read it if your headline hasn't attracted them.

World-renowned expert Ted Nicholas has proved in real-life tests that a great headline can create 17 times as many sales as a so-so one - that's an increase of 1,600%!

When web pages and emails arrived on the scene, all the ground rules of copywriting changed. Or so it seemed. But one thing didn't change ... that's the importance of your headline. If you don't get that right no-one will even glance at your skilfully worded sales copy or web text.

Just think about it for a moment - if you can't write a great headline you could be leaving millions on the table, just waiting for your savvy competitors to come along and swipe it from under your nose.

But get it right and your sales will soar.

You need a great headline
How many copywriting books have you read where the author explained how to write stunning sales copy and then added, almost as an afterthought, 'oh, by the way, you'll need a great headline'. No hints and tips, no expert guidance, no master class lessons on how to write these great headlines. Not much use at all.

The best advice they can manage is 'put your product's number one benefit in the headline'. They nearly all say it, but what does it mean?

The 90/10 rule - understand it or you will fail
In sales copy the headline is reckoned to have at least 90% of the impact, while the body copy pulls just 10% ... even if it's many pages long.

So you would expect 90% of the space in the experts' books to be allocated to writing headlines, wouldn't you? If the headline carries 90% of the impact then surely it should occupy 90% of the lesson.

Well forget it. In the world's best copywriting books less than 10% of the space is given over to teaching you how to write a great headline. And that's where these books completely miss the point.

Let me warn you - if your headline doesn't work, then 90% of people will never read your body copy ... however good it is.

Write winning headlines with the Headline Hero

Most books talk about getting the reader intrigued. They tell you about capturing attention and the importance of AIDA; about feeding your reader's curiosity. But they leave out the most important thing - how to get your reader to start reading your sales copy in the first place.

After all, if they don't read your sales letter there's no chance they will buy your product.

So I'll repeat the question ... what would it do to your sales if you could write winning headlines every time? Do you think your sales might go up?

Find out how to make your sales soar

Here's a sneak preview of the contents - 88 pages in all:


What's all this fuss about headlines?
90% of the power is in the headline

What makes a winning headline?

What's in it for me?
Sub-headlines - are they a must-have?
How long should your headline be?
A winning formula
A question of engagement
Some further proven techniques
Magic words and phrases
Features, benefits, and super-benefits

Headline Families

Do it now

How to write winning headlines

Start from the beginning
What are you selling? And to whom?
Selection from winning families

Headline Templates

Software templates

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The Headline Hero gives you master class instruction in how to write winning headlines - that can increase your sales by as much as 1,600%

This book shows you how, in clear step-by-step detail, how you will harness the power of headlines to force your sales through the roof.

Whether you're an internet marketer writing web content and sales letters, or an aspiring copywriter looking to get some expert tuition, this book is for you.

  • Discover the one single thing your reader is interested in     (page 5)

  • Learn why almost every copywriting book you've ever read (even the best ones) completely missed the point    (page 6)

  • Why as much as 90% of all advertising spend is money wasted    (page 7)

  • How long should your headline be?     (page 13)

  • Why you should engage your reader in a conversation   (page 16)

  • Jenny and Penny from Exeter - and why they're so important     (page 18)

  • Why 927,457 is far more money than a million pounds     (page 22)

  • Magic words that mean far more than any dictionary will tell you     (page 28)

  • You already know about features and benefits, but what are super-benefits and why are they so important?     (page 31)

  • 'It isn't a motorcycle, it's a Harley'. What that teaches us and how we can use it to our benefit.     (page 33)

  • The power of testimonials - but be careful how you use them.    (page 46)

  • How to get your reader to focus on the better life that awaits them at the end of the next ... advertisement.    (page 52)

  • A quote from a US perfume billionaire which gets right to the heart of market positioning.     (page 58)

  • How to dream up 100+ alternative headlines for your advertisement and why you should.    (page 60)

  • And how to get computer software to do it for you, as long as you understand the pitfalls.     (page 69)

Do you think that might help you write winning headlines?

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If you feel you haven't learned anything worthwhile, then I couldn't in all honesty keep your money.

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Did you realise that barely 15% of opt-in names will open your emails? Of all the people who asked to get emails from you, more than 85 out of every 100 won't even bother to open them and read them.

You need a great subject line that forces people to open your emails. However good your message, if people don't open your email they can't read it.

But a subject line is not a headline ...

This free bonus 'The Subject Line Swipe File' shows you how to double your opening rate using simple but hugely effective strategies. That's twice as many readers for your skilfully crafted headline and email text.

And there are some quite simple ideas that even the experts don't know about, and certainly don't use.

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If you've read anything about advertising you've no doubt devoured 'Ogilvy on Advertising' by the eponymous David Ogilvy. Considered one of the greatest ad-men of all time, he was never one to lavish praise indiscriminately. He was, however, a fan of Claude Hopkins and his classic work 'Scientific Advertising', describing it as a "must-read". He was further quoted as saying "Nobody should be allowed to have anything to do with advertising until he has read this book seven times."
Praise indeed.

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Martin Helm
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